Frequently Asked Questions

What is Teepster?

Teepster is your site for golf tipping.
We've created two fun ways to compete against your friends by selecting a player from the PGA Tour each week.
We've made it simple, easy-to-use and loads of fun.

Do I need to pay to play?

No, it's free to play.
We may introduce more features and more tipping formats in future that members can access but right now, everything is free to use.

Is Teepster a gambling website?

No, Teepster is a tipping website only designed to play for fun against your friends.
Teepster is not and never will be a sports gambling website.

When does the season start?

The PGA Tour season begins with the first tournament in October. But you can join and start a league any time. The season finishes with the TOUR Championship in September.

How do I play?

You can play against your buddies in one of two ways; One and Done or Draft Pick leagues.
Create a league and then invite your friends to join via league settings (cog wheel button), then via Membership. Or accept someone else's invitation. Select a golfer from the PGA Tour field each week - their prize-money is used to rank you against everyone else in your league across the season. The season begins with the start of the PGA Tour in September and finished with the TOUR Championship. (See details below on how the unique TOUR Championship format is dealt with at Teepster).

When is the cut-off time to make my pick each week?

the cut-off time to make your pick will be on the hour before the first tee time. e.g. If the first tee time for a tournament is at 6:50am (local time), then the cut-ff time to make your selection will be at 6:00am (local time). This allows for the site to crunch the selections and send out email notifications before the first shot his hit.

How does the "One and Done" work?

One and Done leagues have no limit on the number of friends who you can join.
Select a golfer from the PGA Tour tournament and their earnings are your (virtual) earnings for the week.
The only catch? You can only select the same golfer once per year, so choose wisely.

How does the Draft Tipping work?

Draft Tipping leagues are limited to 10 friends.
Each player selects a golfer but no player can choose the same golfer as another player each week.
Selection order is based on the previous week's results.
Earn the most money one week and you're thrown to the bottom of the draft order for the following week.
You must make the cut though! See below.

What's all this about making the cut in Draft Tipping?

Draft selection order each week is based on the previous week's results.
The best player goes to the bottom of the draft and vice versa. Except you must make the cut!
If your golfer misses the cut you will stay at the bottom of the draft.

For example, in a 10-player league if just one player misses the cut then that player will have the 10th draft pick the following week.
All other players finishing positions will be reversed for the rest of the draft.
In case of a tie, the previous week finishing positions will be used.

Why is it asking me to select more than one golfer in a Draft Tipping League?

You and your friends can't be in the same room at the same time to make your draft selections.
To get around it, we ask you to chose a selection of golfers in order of preference.
If your first preferred golfer has not been taken when it is your turn in the draft, then that's your golfer for the week.
If not it looks at your next preferred golfer from your selection, and so on.

Will I be sent a reminder to make my selection each week?

We will send you an email reminder to select your golfer when tipping opens as well as a reminder email a few hours before the tournament begins.

Is there a prize for winning my league?

Not through Teepster. Yet.
In future, we're aiming to have a selection of prizes you can play for for an entrance fee. But for now just play among yourselves for free, for pride or your own in-house prizes.

What happens if I forget to pick a golfer?

At the moment it will be a "no pick" and you won't recieve a golfer for the week.
We would like to implement an automatic pick feature in future. If we can find the time (and money) to do it we will!

What happens at the season-ending TOUR Championship?

The PGA Tour finishes with the TOUR Championship which is limited to the top-30 golfers on FedEx Cup points rankings. The tournament will begin with the number 1 seed starting at 10 under par.
The second seed will start at −8, the third seed at −7, and so on down to the fifth seed at −5. Seeds 6–10 will begin at −4; seeds 11–15 will begin at −3; and so on, down to seeds 26–30 who will start at even par.
This should be taken into consideration when making your picks over the course of the season.
The PGA Tour and the FedEx Cup awards $15million to the winner, ($5m to 2nd place and so on). However, in the interest of fairness, Teepster will set the total prize purse for the TOUR Championship to be the same as the other FedEx Cup playoff tournaments ($9,500,000 in total).

What happens if my golfer withdraws before or during a tournament?

Unfortunately, if your player withdraws for COVID related reasons or otherwise, you won't be assigned another golfer and just like the PGA Tour you won't recieve any prizemoney for the week. However if your golfer did withdraw before the tournament began, that pick will be removed from you history to ensure you still have that player available to be selected in future tournaments.

How can I get in touch with Teepster?

Feedback of any kind would be most welcome!
Email Teepster via [email protected] and we will respond as soon as we can.